BenQ FP71G BLK 17 In LCD 450:1 Cr Alog 12MS Rt Black


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Fastest Response Time! BenQ FP71G 17-in LCD Monitor The supremely elegant BenQ FP71G 17-inch LCD monitor features an incredibly fast 12ms response time…the fastest achievable to date. And that’s is great news for gamers and video buffs! Such an astonishingly swift response time allows this high-performance monitor to offer exceptionally fluid, flicker-free video with no other visual artifacts. As a result, the FP71G offers dynamic game and movie scenes displayed at 75 frames per second without breaks. This ultra-slim monitor boasts 1280 x 1024 SCGA resolution, 0.264mm pixel pitch, 450:1 contrast ratio and 260cd/m2 brightness for strikingly realistic images and compelling, easy-to-read text. For a sensational view while playing games, watching movies or performing all your computing tasks, the BenQ FP71G 17-inch LCD is the ideal choice.